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Fan Sites

Hilarious abridged version of Sailor Moon   

The first Sailor Moon fan site I ever went to! One of the most helpful things on this site is the shopping guide. There's also downloads, reviews, info, and more! Check it out.

Another site with tons of info and other cool stuff.

This site compares the dub episodes to the original Japanese episodes. There is a lot of hard work put in to this site and it's very interesting. I am a fan of the dub and even I think it's a good site.

Get your very own chibi dolls for you Sailor Moon site here! 

A site with very good Sailor Moon translations and some other things up for download.

Scans of all of the Sailor Moon art books and more! I want to personally thank them for allowing people to reuse their scans. I have used some of them on this site. 

High quality Sailor Moon clips and episodes.

Tons of info on the Sailor Moon musicals 

 Animated Sailor Moon gifs (some used in my characters section) and other fun stuff. 

The music of Sailor Moon. Download, purchase, read lyrics, and more.

Sailor Moon Crystal Screenshots - Amazing screen shots from the new series 

Sailor Stars fandub - A DiC styled fandub of the 5th season of the original Sailor Moon anime 

Crystal Comparisons - A site comparing the Sailor Moon Crystal blurays to the original web airing

Shojopower! - Shojo Power! is a blog dedicated to feminist analysis of the Japanese anime/manga Sailor Moon, other girl-oriented anime, and Japanese culture.

The Oracle - Tons of information on all aspects of the series 

Toonami: Digital Arsenal - Download old clips from many different anime that aired on Toonami

Other Sites

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