About me

     My Name is Andrew, I go by IAmLeon94 (sometimes 64) or AndrewTsukino98 on the internet. As you can clearly see, I am a huge fan of the series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Other than Sailor Moon, I am a huge video game and movie fan. Some of my favorite games/game series include Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Clock Tower, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, Rule of Rose, and Haunting Ground. I am a big fan horror movies and survival horror video games. Other interests of mine include film making, web design, traveling, acting, music, and psychology.

Who’s your favorite Sailor Guardian/Soldier?

     My favorite Sailor Guardian is Minako Anio/Sailor Venus/Sailor V. As a child I was always fascinated with her days as Sailor V. At the time I didn't know the Codename Sailor V manga was real, so I knew very little about her past. I could only go by the glimpses of it shown in the anime. Minako can be very silly at times, but when it's time to get down to business she does't hesitate. I think my personality is closest to hers.

What season of the Sailor Moon anime is your favorite? 

  My favorite season of Sailor Moon is definitely Sailor Moon S (season 3). In my opinion it has the best story out of all five seasons and is paced the best. All of the new characters introduced in this season are awesome and became some of my favorites. 

Why did you make this site?

     I honestly made this site because I was bored. However, I also wanted to share my love of the series with everyone and have a place I could collect all of the information I knew about it. Making a website seemed like the best idea to do that, and I love how it has turned out. 

What is your favorite version of Sailor Moon?

     My favorite version of Sailor Moon is the classic anime (original Japanese and dubs). A close second is the live action TV drama, PGSM. 

What are your favorite Sailor Moon songs?

     My favorite Sailor Moon songs are Moonlight Legend, Solider of Love, Route Venus, Sailor Team Theme, Carry On, Nothing At All, My Only Love, Power of Love, It's a New Day, Venus Over My Shoulder, Romance, Cherry Blossom Storm, I'm Here, Here We Go!, La Soldier, La Moon, and the DiC Sailor Moon theme.

Do you collect any Sailor Moon things?

YES!! You can see videos of my collection in the "My Collection" section. Also, you can go to any of my social media accounts where I'll post pictures of things in my collection.

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